Microsoft will make Teams 20 the default client on Windows

Microsoft will make Teams 2.0 the default client on Windows this year

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced a new version of the Teams app that offers better performance and lower system resource consumption. It has now been announced that the Teams 2.0 client will replace the standard version of the application in Windows later this year.

    Image source: Microsoft

Image source: Microsoft

Teams 2.0 is currently in beta and is missing some of the features of the Teams desktop client. However, Teams 2.0 will be expanded later this year, replacing the desktop app for Windows. In addition, the developers will release a beta version of Teams 2.0 for macOS and a web version of the application. Anupam Pattnaik, a leading Microsoft specialist in Teams 2.0 products, spoke about this in one of the thematic podcasts.

“Teams Classic is now the default because the new Teams doesn’t have some features that are supported in classic Teams. …Later this calendar year we will make the new teams the default client. This will happen when we have feature parity and are confident that users can move to the new teams.”– said Mr. Pattnaik, also mentioning the upcoming release of the beta version of the Teams 2.0 client for macOS, VDI and the web.


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