Microsoft will embed Adobe Acrobat Reader in the Edge browser

Microsoft will embed Adobe Acrobat Reader in the Edge browser for working with PDF

Although Edge’s share of the browser market is still relatively small, Microsoft is improving its development at an accelerated pace, and integration with the AI ​​bot program ChatGPT has significantly increased the target group of users of the company’s software. Now the developer is taking new steps in the development of its software by adding a tool for viewing PDF files – Adobe Acrobat Reader – to the web browser.

    Image source: Adobe

Image source: Adobe

According to the Techspot portal itself, Adobe says that the innovation will provide higher quality graphics when viewing documents, increase the comfort and level of security when working with PDF files, and also expand the functionality of the browser. At the same time, basic features will be available for free, and advanced subscription features will allow you to edit text and images, convert files to other formats, and combine materials. Additional features will also be available to those who are already members of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite.

Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader integration with Edge will be phased out starting March 2023. Adobe announces that the current PDF viewing solution built into Edge will no longer be supported as of March 2024.

According to Statcounter, Edge accounts for just a few percent of the browser market, with Chrome being the dominant player. Microsoft hopes to change the situation. According to reports, after the inclusion of AI tools in their composition, the popularity of Microsoft solutions has increased significantly.

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