Microsoft wanted to destroy Sony with money and aimed to

Microsoft wanted to “destroy Sony with money” and aimed to buy Sega, the developers of Hitman and Hades

Between hearings in the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) case against the Microsoft-Activision Blizzard deal, a number of internal documents have surfaced online that shed light on Microsoft’s strategy in its fight against Sony.

    Image source: Sega

Image source: Sega

IN December 2019 letter The head of Xbox Game Studios, Matt Booty (Matt Booty), wrote that it was Microsoft “In a unique position to destroy Sony with money”. We’re talking about the company’s content spend on subscription services.

Microsoft in a statement The edge emphasized that this email is already three and a half years old: “It relates to industry trends that we’ve never followed and has nothing to do with the acquisition [Activision Blizzard]».

    Image Source: Bungie

Bungie was acquired by Sony in 2022 (Image source: Bungie)

Also from the documentation It has been revealedwhich game studios Microsoft has wanted to buy in recent years. The company seriously considered acquiring Sega, Bungie, and other teams to bolster its Game Pass service.

In November 2020, then-Xbox boss Phil Spencer even approached Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella for permission to propose a possible alliance to Sega Sammy management.

    Image source: Microsoft

Image source: Microsoft

What became of that deal is unclear, but as of April 2021, Sega was still a key target. Microsoft also looked at IO Interactive (Hitman), Niantic, Thunderful (Steamworld), Supergiant Games (Hades), Playrix, and (unsuccessfully) Zynga.

Also in 2021, Microsoft has compiled a list (pictured above) of developers worth keeping an eye on. The list includes more than 100 studios, including Mundfish, Crytek, FromSoftware, CD Projekt RED, Techland, Remedy, Larian and Starbreeze.

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