Microsoft To properly update Windows the device must be online

Microsoft: To properly update Windows, the device must be online for at least 8 hours

The Windows operating system update process is not always successful and downloaded packages may try to install again after the device restarts. It turned out that for the correct download and installation of updates, Windows needs to remain connected to the Internet for at least 8 hours. About it writes Resource Bleeping Computer referring to the words of Microsoft Windows Update Manager David Guyer.

Image Credit: Clint Patterson / Unsplash

Image Credit: Clint Patterson / Unsplash

A representative of the software giant said the main reason why devices cannot reach the state “completely updated” is not enough to connect to the internet. It turned out that the device must remain online for at least 8 hours in order to receive the latest updates via Windows Update and install them correctly.

“One of the key aspects we examined was how long a device must be powered on and connected to Windows Update to successfully install feature updates. We’ve found that devices that are connected to the internet for less than a certain amount of time are unlikely to update successfully. In particular, observations have shown that devices require at least two hours of uninterrupted connection and a total of another six hours online from the time the update was released to install it correctly., said a Microsoft spokesman.

Previously, Microsoft had started testing a more streamlined method of delivering updates to Windows called the Update Stack Package. It involves providing devices with special tools that will make the installation of future cumulative updates smoother. Microsoft has also redesigned cumulative updates in Windows 11 to ensure they install faster and better. This is achieved, among other things, by reducing the volume of service packs by around 40% compared to their counterparts in Windows 10.



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