Microsoft taught Paint to remove the background of an image

Microsoft taught Paint to remove the background of an image with one click

Microsoft is testing a new tool to remove the background in Windows 11’s built-in Paint editor. The feature was already made available to Windows Insiders in the Canary and Dev channels (version 11.2306.30.0) and allows you to remove the background of an image removed with a single click.

    Image source: Microsoft

Image source: Microsoft

To use the new tool, the user needs to open the image with Paint and then click the Remove Background button on the left side of the Graphic Editor toolbar (highlighted in red in the screenshot above). After that, Paint automatically detects the subject of the picture and removes the background. Microsoft notes that the user can manually select the part of the background that they want to remove.

Adding a background removal tool to Paint makes the good old Windows graphics editor that much more useful. Finally, it was the lack of this tool that forced most users to look for an alternative to it. Many Windows users have used Paint for quick and easy image editing like cropping, resizing, and rotating, but have had to rely on third-party applications for much-needed background removal.

Using third-party programs required additional steps or costs: Canva, for example, only offers background removal with paid access, and Adobe Express doesn’t work without creating an account. Accessing background removal directly from Paint makes this process much faster and less expensive. Alongside the new background remover, Microsoft is also reportedly testing an AI image generator in Paint.

In this regard, only one thing remains incomprehensible: while Microsoft is developing the Paint graphic editor built into Windows, at the same time Microsoft plans to completely remove from the operating system the WordPad text editor, which allows you to create and edit documents with formatted text. and insert images and links.

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