Microsoft stopped production of all Xbox One models in late

Microsoft stopped production of all Xbox One models in late 2020

It turns out that all Xbox One series console models are being discontinued. The Xbox One X and the digital version of the Xbox One S were discontinued before the next-generation Xbox Series X was released. Then, in late 2020, production of the original Xbox One S ceased, so retailers had to sell their inventory. This was reported by The Verge with reference to a Microsoft official.

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“In order to concentrate on the production of the Xbox Series X / S, we stopped production of all Xbox One consoles at the end of 2020.”Said Cindy Walker, senior director of product marketing for Xbox. Notably, the testimony of a Microsoft representative followed literally the day after it became known that Sony’s intention to continue production of PlayStation 4 consoles despite the company planning to take them out of production in late 2021. Sony has confirmed production of the PS4 is underway, despite the Japanese company working with Microsoft to meet demand for the PS5 and Xbox Series X, respectively.

Although both of Microsoft’s new generation consoles are still in short supply, the situation is a little less tragic with the cheaper Xbox Series S – they are available in major online stores in the US and UK. Note that Xbox division head Phil Spencer said at the Xbox Series X / S showcase that the company produced more Xbox Series Xs than Series Ss in the early stages, but the latter’s modest price tag made them more popular.


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