Microsoft reported a rapid increase in users of an AI

Microsoft reported a rapid increase in users of an AI tool to help programmers – GitHub Copilot powered by OpenAI

On Tuesday, Microsoft issued a statement intended to bolster investor confidence in the company’s bet on generative AI tools, even as economic turmoil causes customers to question the value of cloud spending. CEO Satya Nadella announced a significant increase in users of the GitHub Copilot software, which helps programmers write code faster.

    Image source: Turag Photography/

Image source: Turag Photography/

It is known that last June, Copilot became available to a wide range of programmers, and within a month the number of its users reached 400,000 people. On Tuesday Nadella said the audience for the new software has already grown to one million people. The increasing use of Copilot suggests that people are willing to pay to use generative AI, a technology that, after studying large amounts of data in one field or another, can create original and meaningful prose, images, or even computer code.

Copilot literally tells programmers what to write next. According to last year’s GitHub data, owned by Microsoft, the technology allows you to create up to 35-40% of file code in automated mode. It costs $100 per year for individual subscribers, and the tool can also be used with access to a corporate account.

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced plans to invest billions in supercomputer development and cloud support for the startup OpenAI, on which Copilot was based, and for the virally popular chatbot ChatGPT. In addition to essays and poems, he can also write code (not always correctly). Microsoft has already stated that ChatGPT will be available on the company’s cloud services.

It was previously reported that Microsoft’s intention to use ChatGPT in the Bing search engine poses a serious threat to Google’s search market dominance – the latter is rushing to develop its own AI tools.

Nadella said that Azure OpenAI, which will provide access to the company’s technologies in the Microsoft cloud, has already attracted 200 customers, including well-known accounting firm KPMG and news agency Al Jazeera.

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