Microsoft releases Edge 100 with PDF preview and memory integrity

Microsoft releases Edge 100 with PDF preview and memory integrity protection

Earlier this week, the stable version of Google Chrome 100 was released with an updated logo, and a few days later, the stable version of the Microsoft Edge 100 browser became available to the general public.

    Image source: Neowin

Image source: Neowin

Along with the release of the new Edge, there was a transition to a three-digit version number in the user-agent header. Developers have found that this can affect the display of some websites that use inaccurate parsers to determine the browser’s version number from the user-agent. Therefore, Microsoft left the possibility to “freeze” the version number in the user-agent by enabling the corresponding option in edge://flags or by a special policy.

In the new browser version, the Microsoft 365 Application Protocol Activations service can start some Microsoft 365 apps such as SharePoint or OneDrive directly. You can define applications and services for which you want to enable or disable startup warnings by using the appropriate policies.

At the same time, the Edge 100 includes improvements to the stack’s hardware security. The developers have integrated protection against a number of memory corruption vulnerabilities. Support for hardware stack protection was introduced in Windows 8 and has since been used and improved in more modern versions of the operating system.

In addition to the above security features, the browser has an updated tool for previewing PDF files in Outlook and File Explorer. The lightweight PDF viewer allows opening documents in read-only mode and can interact with attachments from Outlook email client and locally stored PDF files. In addition, the browser allows you to view digitally signed PDF files, and a special policy makes it easy to verify the signature directly in Edge without the need for additional tools.



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