Microsoft promises customers legal protection against allegations of copyright infringement

Microsoft promises customers legal protection against allegations of copyright infringement in connection with the use of its AI products

Microsoft has informed its customers that it is willing to assume legal responsibility for any copyright infringement of content created using its AI solutions in Word, PowerPoint, and coding tools, and to pay all commercial customer’s attorneys’ fees due to use being sued by tools or AI -generated results.

    Image source: Pixabay

Image source: Pixabay

“Some customers are concerned about the risk of being sued for intellectual property infringement when using the results obtained with generative AI. – noted in corporate blog Microsoft President Brad Smith and General Counsel Hossein Nowbar – To address this customer concern, Microsoft is announcing our new Copilot Copyright Commitment.”

Microsoft gave three reasons for this decision: the intent to help customers use their services; understanding of the concerns of rights holders; as well as creating obstacles that prevent the possibility of obtaining results that would infringe copyright.

“If a third party sues a commercial customer for copyright infringement arising out of use of the Microsoft Copilot products or the results they generate, we will defend the customer and stand ready to pay damages for any adverse judgment or settlement resulting from a lawsuit , provided that the customer has used the fences and content filters that we have built into our products”, – reported in the blog. Remember that in June Adobe made a similar promise regarding the use of its Firefly AI tool.

Microsoft has launched a range of generative AI services under the Copilot brand, which have been integrated into many of its products, including Windows 11, the Edge browser, Teams, Outlook and other enterprise offerings.

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