Microsoft plans to add PC game streaming support to

Microsoft plans to add PC game streaming support to Xbox Cloud Gaming

Microsoft plans to expand Xbox Cloud Gaming capabilities to include support for streaming games for PC using Azure cloud platform servers. writes The Verge resource with a link to 2021 email correspondence in the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) case against the Microsoft-Activision-Blizzard deal.

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Microsoft’s own Xbox Cloud Gaming service, which Microsoft uses to stream games, only supports Xbox games because the servers are powered by special Xbox Series X chips.

Following rumors that Google would turn Stadia into a white-label cloud gaming service for developers, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella sent Xbox head Phil Spencer, Microsoft cloud gaming head Kareem Choudhry and head of Xbox player support Sarah Bond emailed with suggestions “Do the same for PC with Game Pass.”

“Google has the opportunity to reuse its cloud hardware on Linux. And yes, as we stream native PC games from Azure GPU SKUs, we will have more reuse scenarios to recoup costs.” – Spencer answered him.

“Phil is right. Sarah [Бонд] and I work with Jason’s team [Зандера, Jason Zander] Developing the right Azure SKU…as part of a series that meets the needs of customers outside of IAAS and brings our xCloud PC streaming suite to market.” wrote Choudhury, confirming that Microsoft is working on streaming PC games via the cloud.

As sources told The Verge, work in this direction on Xbox cloud gaming at Microsoft has slowed down over the past year. Although Microsoft hinted earlier this year that PC gaming would still be available on Xbox Cloud Gaming.

It is also known that British mobile operator EE has signed a 10-year deal with Microsoft to offer Xbox PC games to its customers, although EE does not currently offer streaming services. It’s possible that the British operator will create its own service, but it seems more likely that Microsoft’s Azure service is preparing to launch computer game streaming, The Verge suggested.

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