Microsoft open source 3D animation application 3D Movie Maker

Microsoft open source 3D animation application 3D Movie Maker

In 1995, Microsoft introduced 3D Movie Maker to help children learn the basics of 3D animation while demonstrating the incredible graphics capabilities of Windows 95.

    Image source: Microsoft

Image source: Microsoft

With 3D Movie Maker you can use 40 characters in pre-rendered scenes to create three-dimensional animations, program them to perform various actions, add objects and audio effects, and even record audio tracks with a microphone. As a result, the user gets a 1995-style 3D movie with a frame rate of 6 fps.

After 27 years from the moment of publication, the company has opened the source code of the application to everyone – it can be Download from GitHub. Microsoft emphasizes that the project is not designed for modern software and hardware, so it is primarily suitable for those who want to experiment with Retrosoft to get it working on Windows 10 or 11.

It is expected that the discovery of 3D Movie Maker application code, including third-party components such as Brander, will help enthusiasts preserve the “Microsoft legacy” and create a working version that runs on modern computers without the use of virtual machines can be.

Programming enthusiasts might be interested in the code. In addition, with a little modernization, 3D Movie Maker can become an interesting piece of software for users who are interested in the basics of 3D animation.

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