Microsoft names former Call of Duty general manager as Blizzards

Microsoft names former Call of Duty general manager as Blizzard’s new president

edition Bloomberg announced who Microsoft has chosen as the new president of Blizzard Entertainment after Mike Ybarra left the company due to mass layoffs. Appointment already confirmed officially.

    Image source: Steam (Kout187)

Image source: Steam (Kout187)

As of February 5, Johanna Faries, known as the general manager of Call of Duty for five years, will become president of Blizzard Entertainment. She will be replaced in this position by current Vice President Matt Cox.

Faris began her career at Activision in 2018 as head of esports for Call of Duty and has spent the last 12 years working in the National Football League (NFL).

    Image source: Shacknews

Image source: Shacknews

In a message to Blizzard employees, Faris noted that she understands: “Activision, Blizzard and King are completely different companies with their own games, cultures and communities.”.

“It is important to highlight that the Call of Duty gaming experience is often different from the fantastic Blizzard games with their unique gameplay, winning model and fan base.”Faris said.

    Image source: Blizzard Entertainment

Image source: Blizzard Entertainment

Commenting on Faris’ appointment, Matt Booty, President of Game Content and Studios at Microsoft, said: “We remain committed to helping Blizzard realize its potential and are confident the teams will maintain the momentum in developing great games.”.

As noted in Bloomberg, Faris becoming president of Blizzard is part of Booty and Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer’s strategy to stabilize game franchises and increase Activision Blizzard’s revenue.

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