Microsoft makes Xbox Series S and X the first consoles

Microsoft makes Xbox Series S and X the first consoles with a reduced carbon footprint

Microsoft gaming division announced About optimizing the power consumption of Xbox Series S and X consoles: in their power settings, the ability to automatically download games and install updates at times when the local grid receives maximum energy from environmentally friendly sources. This is another initiative from the manufacturer, which aims to achieve a positive carbon footprint by 2030.

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The reduction of the carbon footprint is achieved by optimizing the update and download platforms – they are launched at the moments when the share of clean energy sources in the local power grid reaches its maximum value. Last year, this feature appeared in Windows 11 Update, but now a similar feature has made its debut on Xbox – so far only for those participating in the testing of new console features.

If the place where an Xbox Series X|S user lives has data on clean energy sources on the grid, you can select the appropriate option in the power settings and the console will turn itself on to work with technical data – Download firmware updates or game content. Microsoft stressed that the new feature will not affect system performance or gameplay.

The manufacturer points out that every Xbox owner has the opportunity to help reduce their carbon footprint – you don’t even have to take part in the testing program. It is recommended to select an economical power plan in the settings, turn on automatic updates and reduce the time when the device turns off automatically when inactive.


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