Microsoft makes it easy to change the default browser in

Microsoft makes it easy to change the default browser in Windows 11

Microsoft uses various, sometimes dubious, ways to promote branded products like the Edge browser. For example, developers made it difficult to change the default browser in the Windows 11 operating system. This approach did not please users and developers of other browsers, who quickly criticized Microsoft. The good news is that Microsoft has listened to the public and simplified the process of choosing a default browser.

    Image source: Microsoft

Image source: Microsoft

The innovation is implemented in update KB5011563, which began rolling out earlier this week. Once installed, you can literally change the default browser with just a few mouse clicks, similar to what happens in Windows 10. This change appeared in test builds of Windows 11 back in December of last year and has since been tested by members of the Microsoft Insider Program. Now the mentioned update has become available to a wide range of users and soon everyone will be able to install it.

Therefore, after installing KB5011563, to change the default browser, users only need to go to the appropriate settings panel and select the browser of their choice from the list of installed applications. According to reports, the mentioned update is optional, which means that it will not be downloaded automatically. It is likely that the innovation will also be included in a future cumulative update.



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