Microsoft makes it easy to change default apps in Windows

Microsoft makes it easy to change default apps in Windows 11

Microsoft will partially fix one of the most criticized features of Windows 11 – the company will simplify the process of changing the default applications in Windows 11. Compared to Windows 10, it has become much more difficult in the latest operating system from the Redmond-based company to leave the default applications for opening certain files and instead assign them the software you want. In addition, Microsoft offers more control over programs pinned to the Start menu and taskbar.

    Image source: Microsoft

Image source: Microsoft

To change the default application in Windows 11, you must first open the “Settings” of the operating system yourself and in the “Applications” section configure the default application for each type of file or link. That is, the user had to configure each individual file type instead of simply selecting their preferred web browser or image editor.

Last year, Microsoft made it possible to switch the default browser in Windows 11 with a single click. Now Microsoft allows app developers to direct users to the right place in settings to change the default program for specific file types or links. It will be much more convenient and faster.

Separately, Microsoft announced the start of testing of a new API that would allow applications to pin a primary or secondary icon to the taskbar. According to Microsoft, the new approach should solve some of the problems users had when transitioning to Windows 11 and make changing the settings and appearance of the operating system more similar to what people are used to from iOS or Android mobile devices. A new menu for adding application tiles to the taskbar could lead to new widgets or other interfaces that save information from your most used programs for easy access.

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