Microsoft is testing placing two webpages side by side in

Microsoft is testing placing two webpages side by side in the same Edge browser window

Microsoft has started testing a new split-screen feature for the Microsoft Edge browser, which allows you to open two tabs at once and place them side-by-side in the same window. This feature was first spotted by Reddit users and is available as an experimental option in the beta and developer versions of Microsoft’s browser.

    Image source: El País

Image source: El País

After enabling the experimental feature, a new button will appear next to the address bar, allowing you to split the Edge window into two separate panes. While it’s still possible to open the contents of two separate browser windows at the same time and place them side by side on the screen using Windows’ built-in tools, it’s not always convenient.

With the new built-in split view in Microsoft Edge, you can open two tabs with one click without having to rearrange the tabs or open a new browser window. As a result, a single tab with merged web pages is created. It is possible to create several of these split tabs in the browser and switch between them using mouse or keyboard shortcuts.

These “parallel” tabs can be pinned, duplicated, or added to groups just like any regular tab. The feature is very useful when you need to compare documents or web pages. Microsoft is also currently testing it in its browser for macOS and Linux, offering improved window controls for browser tabs outside of Windows environments.

The Vivaldi browser offers a similar feature with the Tab Tile option, which allows you to place up to four tabs in different layouts in a single window. Microsoft Edge currently only allows two tabs side by side.


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