Microsoft is testing Notepad with autosave and improved Snipping Tool

Microsoft is testing Notepad with autosave and improved Snipping Tool with video capture

Windows 11 Insiders in the Dev and Canary channels have access to updated Snipping and Notepad apps. Both products received a number of interesting innovations, which will be available to all users of the software platform after the end of the test phase.

    Image source: Microsoft

Image source: Microsoft

The Scissors app got a combo capture bar from the developers that makes it easy to switch between taking screenshots and recording the screen without even opening the app. If you press the “Print Screen” key or the key combination “Win + Shift + S”, the application will start in screenshot mode. However, if you use the “Win ​​+ Shift + R” keyboard shortcut, the “scissors” will appear, ready to record videos.

In addition, the application now has the ability not only to record system sounds, but also to use the connected microphone for audio recording. If multiple microphones are connected, the user can select the desired microphone before starting the recording. You can adjust the settings of the available options in the corresponding application menu.

The Notepad application gained support for automatically saving user sessions. This means the application can be closed without dialog boxes prompting you to save your changes. Restarting Notepad will restore all previous sessions and open tabs. It is strange that when saving sessions, changes made to open files are not saved; When the application is reopened, the user can continue editing or undo the changes previously made. If necessary, the automatic saving of sessions can be disabled in the application settings.


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