Microsoft is releasing a stable version of the Edge 103

Microsoft is releasing a stable version of the Edge 103 browser

Earlier this week Microsoft released 103.0.1264.37 is the latest stable version of the Edge browser, which introduces several new features and a number of general fixes to improve the stability of the application. Among other things, the developers have integrated the ability to manage automatic profile switching into the browser, improved protection against web threats, and also added a tool for switching client certificates.

    Image source: Microsoft

Image source: Microsoft

First of all, it’s worth noting that the ability to control automatic profile switching using the GuidedSwitchEnable policy makes an appearance. Once enabled, the policy prompts the user to switch to the appropriate profile when Edge detects a personal or work shortcut.

Switching client certificates allows users to delete the in-memory certificate and reopen the certificate selection window when browsing to a website that requires HTTP certificate authentication. In particular, this switching can be done without having to exit Edge.

Edge 103 offers stronger web protection based on a redesigned Microsoft Defender SmartScreen library. Using the NewSmartScreenLibraryEnable policy allows enterprise users to use the previous version of the library until it is completely removed with the Edge 105 release.

Also in the new version of the browser, a banner for searching for work topics appeared in the address bar. It helps you stay focused on completing tasks without being distracted by other things. Using the banner makes it easier for users to find information related to work in their organization, for which it is enough to activate the corresponding icon at the beginning of the address bar. You can enable this feature using the AddressBarMicrosoftSearchInBingProviderEnabled policy.


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