Microsoft is discontinuing the WordPad text editor after 28 years

Microsoft is discontinuing the WordPad text editor after 28 years of service

Microsoft has announced that it will end support for WordPad, one of Windows’ longest-running applications, dating back to Windows 95. The decision ends the text editor’s 28-year history.

    Image source: Microsoft

Image source: Microsoft

WordPad, which for many years was considered a simple but effective tool for working with text, has now been declared obsolete. This is confirmed by the absence of WordPad in the new Windows 11 Canary Build update aimed at members of the Windows Insiders program.

Microsoft representatives explained that starting with the current version of Windows 11, the WordPad and People applications will no longer be installed when the operating system is reinstalled, and WordPad will be completely excluded from updates in the future. The company recommends using Word for editing documents with text formatting and Notepad for working with simple text files.

User opinions on the exclusion of WordPad are divided. Some long-time users appreciated the startup speed and basic word processing features. Although there were alternatives, including Microsoft Word, which required a one-time fee or subscription, and Notepad++, which offered advanced word processing capabilities, WordPad had several advantages: It was integrated into the operating system and offered more word processing capabilities than Notepad.

The omission of WordPad from Windows 11 reflects Microsoft’s commitment to updating and optimizing its operating system. However, it is worth noting that five years ago Microsoft planned to exclude the Paint graphics editor from Windows, but later, due to its great popularity, decided to keep it in the Microsoft Store. Perhaps Microsoft will reconsider its decision in the future and revive WordPad with the needs of its users in mind.

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