Microsoft is adding Audio CD support to the new Windows

Microsoft is adding Audio CD support to the new Windows 11 Media Player

Microsoft recently released the build number of Windows 11 22579 for insiders (Windows Insiders). In addition to improving a number of functions, including folders and the start menu, there is a new feature in the media player – now it can work with audio CDs.

Image source: Bru-nO/

Image source: Bru-nO/

CDs are no longer the most popular medium for audio tracks, and many computers don’t even have the appropriate drives. However, in 2021 for the first time since 2004 in the USA grew up CD sales – from 31.6 million to 46.6 million, and among music lovers there are still many supporters of the old format.

Microsoft has added audio CD support to the new Windows 11 Media Player in version 11.2202.42.0. An Audio CD item has appeared in the application, which allows you to play music from a floppy disk inserted into the drive.

Notably, Media Player isn’t the only default app in Windows 11 that can play music from CDs. The latest builds of Windows 11 have the old Windows Media Player Legacy Media Player. It is assumed that users will gradually move away from using it completely. However, you now have another way to play CDs without fear that support for this format will soon disappear as obsolete.

So far, audio CD support in the Media Player app is only available to members of the Windows Insiders program, but it promises to appear in a stable version relatively soon.


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