Microsoft is adding an image viewer feature to the Edge

Microsoft is adding an image viewer feature to the Edge browser

Microsoft developers continue to improve the Edge browser by adding new features to it. This time, the browser has a tool called EdgePhoto, which expands the application’s possibilities in terms of displaying images.

    Image source: Microsoft

Image source: Microsoft

The Edge browser is no longer an easy alternative to Chrome. About three years have passed since the introduction of the new Microsoft browser and during this time the application has received numerous new functions. One of the latest innovations is the introduction of a feature that turns Edge into a full-fledged image viewer.

The EdgePhoto feature was introduced in Edge Canary 116.0.1934.0 beta. Obviously it’s still in early stages of development as this option is hidden from users. You can enable it with a command line argument. Since the EdgePhoto function is under development, there may be some interference when using it. However, it is already clear that enabling the EdgePhoto option turns the browser into an image viewer.

    Image source: Neowin

Image source: Neowin

Note that Microsoft has not officially announced the appearance of EdgePhoto in its browser. There is currently no information as to when this innovation might become publicly available. It cannot then be ruled out that Microsoft will refuse to integrate EdgePhoto into its browser.


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