Microsoft is adding a Quick Actions sidebar to the Edge

Microsoft is adding a Quick Actions sidebar to the Edge browser

Microsoft developers continue to improve and add new features to their proprietary Edge browser. This time, a sidebar has appeared in the software giant’s proprietary browser, giving you quick access to some functions.

Image Source: Benjamin Mathis / Twitter

Image Source: Benjamin Mathis / Twitter

Currently, the browser sidebar is undergoing the necessary testing and is available to users of the latest versions of Edge Canary. The panel reportedly includes Discover buttons, Microsoft Rewards, and tools for running an internet speed test and transitioning to Office 365.

Of course, the presence of a sidebar is probably not of interest to all Edge browser users, since many are used to a cleaner interface when browsing the Internet. However, the ability to use the sidebar for quick access to certain features that will likely expand over time can be useful.

Currently, the ability to enable the panel is available to some Microsoft Insider Program members using the latest beta builds of the Edge browser. Obviously it will be some time before a new feature is released to the masses. At the moment it is not known when the sidebar will appear in stable builds of Microsoft’s proprietary browser.



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