Microsoft introduces 50 and 85 inch Surface Hub 3 interactive displays

Microsoft introduces 50- and 85-inch Surface Hub 3 interactive displays with Portrait Mode support

Microsoft has introduced the Surface Hub 3 interactive display aimed at enterprise users. Unlike its predecessors, the new product now supports portrait mode – the display can be rotated to a vertical position, in this case the screen orientation changes automatically.

    Image source: Microsoft

Image source: Microsoft

The Surface Hub 3 interactive display is offered in two sizes – 50 and 85 inches. Like its predecessors, it is designed for virtual conferences and can serve as a replacement for televisions and monitors.

The new generation device runs the Microsoft Teams operating system under Windows and offers “uniform experience in all virtual meeting rooms“and allow users”easy to move from one room to another” Microsoft also announced that it will support the AI ​​assistant Copilot on the Surface Hub 3 in the future.

The Surface Hub 3’s interactive displays feature 4K PixelSense displays with anti-glare technology. Microsoft claims an increase in computing power of 60% and graphics performance of 160% compared to its predecessor. The displays support up to two Surface Hub Pens or Surface Slim Pens simultaneously and support 20-finger input.

    Surface Hub 3-pack replacement module for Surface Hub 2S

Surface Hub 3-pack replacement module for Surface Hub 2S

In March of this year, Microsoft introduced the second generation of the Surface Hub 2S interactive display with support for Teams Rooms on Windows. The company notes that Surface Hub 2S devices can be upgraded “to full Surface Hub 3 compatibility” with the Surface Hub 3 Pack Replacement Module, which includes all of the necessary new electronics.

Surface Hub 3 and Surface Hub 3 Pack replacement modules will go on sale this year, but Microsoft hasn’t specified when. The manufacturer also did not provide any information about the costs of the Surface Hub 3. It is very likely that the cost of the new display will be quite impressive. Prices for the same Surface Hub 2S start at around $9,000.

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