Microsoft intends to release a new generation Xbox in 2028

Microsoft intends to release a new generation Xbox in 2028 – there will be several versions of the console with different hardware

In spring 2022, Microsoft management discussed plans to release the next Xbox console in 2028 – a special feature of the console is said to be a flexible packaging approach. This issue was discussed in the company’s internal chat, the minutes of which were published as part of Microsoft’s legal dispute with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) – the agency tried to prevent the company from taking over the gaming company Activision Blizzard.

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The plan to release the next Xbox in 2028 was discussed at a meeting in May 2022. More than a dozen members of Microsoft’s senior leadership team attended the meeting, including CEO Satya Nadella, CFO Amy Hood and gaming chief Phil Spencer. One of the heads of a third-party department asked the leadership of the gaming department whether the company would move away from the traditional pattern of a fixed hardware configuration for which all game developers optimize their products.

The advantage of this approach was that the developers had a clear target platform – the game development kit copes with its task perfectly. But Microsoft is still gradually moving away from this model: the first sign was the pair Xbox One and Xbox One X, then the approach was reflected in the Xbox Series S and Series. In the future, the company wants to demonstrate even more flexibility by providing it “Developers can take advantage of unique hardware features”.

The Microsoft Xbox Series S and Series X and Sony PlayStation 5 consoles were released in 2020. The Japanese manufacturer managed to beat its American competitor in device sales, but the latter responded with a wide range of gaming services, including the popular Xbox Game Pass. Nintendo, the third major player in the console market, is sticking to its own product update cycle and expects a new Switch 2 next year.


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