Microsoft integrates a cryptocurrency wallet into the Edge browser

Microsoft integrates a cryptocurrency wallet into the Edge browser

According to online sources, Microsoft is working on integrating the cryptocurrency wallet Ethereum into its Edge browser. One of the first noticed Twitter user Albacore.

    Image source: Bleeping Computer

Image source: Bleeping Computer

He posted several screenshots on his account and suggested that Microsoft plans to add the ability to send and receive cryptocurrency as well as non-fungible NFT tokens to its browser. Public keys can be shared with other users to receive payments, while private keys can be used to confirm transactions. The new feature is reportedly currently available to a limited number of Insiders who are getting beta builds of Edge in the Dev (Early Access) channel.

Employees of the Bleeping Computer portal could test the new feature by registering for testing. During the registration process, they were asked to create a password to protect the crypto wallet, as well as a 12-word phrase in case the password was recovered. After registration was completed, the wallet generated a unique identifier that allows you to receive funds through the Ethereum network.

The cryptocurrency wallet supports multiple Ethereum accounts so you can switch between them if needed. Implemented the ability to connect to decentralized applications, dApps and a news section that will help you stay up to date with the latest events in the cryptocurrency market.

Microsoft is also known to be working with Consensys to offer users the ability to exchange cryptocurrencies between Ethereum, Dai stablecoin, Uniswap, USD Coin and Tether Coin. Enthusiasts have found hints in the Edge beta code that a Bitcoin wallet could appear in the browser in the future.


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