Microsoft has stopped supporting the Surface Duo dual screen smartphone

Microsoft has stopped supporting the Surface Duo dual-screen smartphone

Microsoft has ended support for the first generation dual-screen smartphone Surface Duo – the device went on sale on September 10, 2020, and three years later the manufacturer decided to withdraw it from circulation.

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The smartphone will not stop working overnight, but it will no longer receive security updates and will become more and more vulnerable over time. In terms of software updates, it lags well behind most comparable Android devices of its generation. We can only hope for a community of enthusiasts developing alternative firmware – installing it on an expensive device is done at your own peril and peril.

The Microsoft Surface Duo was launched in the US in September 2020. The price started at $1,399 and dropped $200 just a month later. The technical characteristics of the smartphone were not yet advanced at the time of release: an outdated Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, a modest camera and the absence of a memory card slot. In terms of price, it was comparable to the iPhone and flagship Android models without 5G support.

Its advantage was its original form factor, whose special capabilities were supported by applications from Microsoft. The company tried to fix bugs in the Surface Duo 2 model, but it also received software updates less often than its competitors, and in a year Microsoft will also stop supporting it – production has already stopped.


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