Microsoft has started testing an AI image generator in Paint

Microsoft has started testing an AI image generator in Paint for Windows 11

This week Microsoft released another beta version of the Paint graphics editor for Windows 11. Among other things, the Cocreator AI function is implemented, with which images can be generated based on a text description. The app is now available to Windows Insider members on the Dev and Canary channels.

    Image source: Microsoft

Image source: Microsoft

The function of generating images based on a text description is based on the work of the DALL-E neural network, created by developers from OpenAI. It allows you to create unique images using a short text description. In addition, the user can choose the style of the future image. Once generated, the user is offered three image options. By selecting one of them, you can further edit the generated image, for example by adding layers, which is also an innovation for Paint.

After downloading Paint 11.2309.20.0, you need to log in to your Microsoft account. A Cocreator button has appeared in Paint, clicking on which will add the user to the waiting list. You will be notified when the Cocreator tool is available. As part of the Cocreator test, users are given 50 credits for generating images. One credit will be deducted for each use of the AI ​​feature.

Microsoft plans to roll out the new feature gradually and in the next few weeks it should be available to all Windows 11 users who have installed the latest feature update. However, currently only Insiders can use the Cocreator feature.

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