Microsoft has started promoting Edge directly on Google Chromes download

Microsoft has started promoting Edge directly on Google Chrome’s download page

Although the Edge browser is present by default in the Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems, users often use it solely to download Google Chrome, which can only annoy Microsoft. The company resorts to aggressive marketing techniques to convince audiences to stick with their product. For example, in the Edge Canary build, if you try to load Chrome, you’ll see a full-page banner reminding you of the virtues of Edge.

    Image source: Microsoft

Image source: Microsoft

In total, two types of ads are displayed: a small pop-up window when the Chrome page loads and a full-size banner after the web browser distribution starts downloading.

The banner states that Edge uses the same technology as Chrome, but with “the added confidence of Microsoft.” However, users have many complaints about Edge – from the excessive demonstration of “recommended” content to the inability to remove the browser from the Windows operating system.

Not only Microsoft uses dubious tricks to expand the user audience. Google itself displays banners to promote Chrome, but only on its own pages.

It is noteworthy that when trying to download Chrome using the stable version of Edge, the Microsoft banner does not appear, so the advertisement may only work for a certain audience of “insiders” and maybe in certain regions.

Surprisingly, Microsoft’s policy seems to be bearing some fruit: Edge’s share of the browser market has increased recently. At the end of December last year, Edge captured 11% of the desktop browser market, although of course it’s still a long way from Chrome.

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