Microsoft has started distributing Windows 11s media player in Windows

Microsoft has started distributing Windows 11’s media player in Windows 10

As has been announced, Microsoft has started rolling out an updated Windows Media Player, which was available in trial versions of Windows 11 last fall, in Windows 10. It will replace the unpopular Groove Music Player among users.

    Image source: Neowin

Image source: Neowin

The new Windows Media Player appeared in Windows 11 trial versions in November last year, which are available to members of the Microsoft Insider Program. Since then, the developers have expanded the capabilities of the player, adding the ability to copy music CDs, support for playing high-quality audio formats, and easier navigation through file folders.

Windows 10 uses Groove Music for audio playback by default, but that’s likely to change soon. This is because Microsoft has started replacing this player with Windows 11’s new Windows Media Player. At this time, the new player is available for users of beta versions of Windows 10 Release Preview, so it can be assumed that it will soon reach stable versions of the software platform.

According to the source, Windows Media Player will soon be available for download via Microsoft Store. Windows 10 users can install it on their computers if needed and use it to play media content.

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