Microsoft has redesigned the Windows installation interface for the first

Microsoft has redesigned the Windows installation interface for the first time in more than a decade

The process of installing Windows on a computer has looked almost the same for more than ten years – since Windows 8. But in the latest version of Windows 11 for Insiders on the Canary channel, the installation interface has received a radically different look; Many other changes have been noted, reports XDA Developers.

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The new installation screen was introduced in Windows 11 Build 26040, replacing the purple background window with a white window, offering the user a choice: repair Windows 11 or completely reinstall the system, confirming that the installation is all Data is deleted from the computer. The window frames remained the same.

Another innovation in this build of the operating system is the Voice Clarity function, which helps to improve the user’s voice quality in video calls and in general in all communication applications. AI algorithms reduce noise and echo, but supported apps may provide an option to disable this feature when playing music or other audio through the microphone. Voice Clarity was previously available on Surface devices, but can now be enabled on any laptop.

The Narrator function has been improved: text recognition in images has been improved and there is support for reading documents, comments, bookmarks and sentences in Word. You can use voice output and voice control at the same time; Additionally, you can command the narrator to “speak faster.”

A number of new functions have appeared in the Windows LAPS system (Local Administrator Password Solution): automatic account management; the ability to disable certain characters that can cause readability problems in long passwords, such as: B. “1” and “I”; The password field has become easier to read. The passphrase option allows you to create long passwords from real words. You can choose the maximum password length in words and characters at your discretion. Finally, LAPS helps you find out if your local password no longer matches the password in Active Directory.

There is now support for fast devices with USB4 2.0 interface (up to 80 Gbit/s); WordPad has disappeared from the system package; the Task Manager icon has been updated; There are new options for file compression when archiving – you can choose the compression level and archive format; When you click the Share button in the browser, a system window opens with the ability to publish directly to a social network. If you have a Microsoft Entra ID, you can share something in Teams. The “Nearby Share” function has been optimized – transferring files in the local network is now faster.

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