Microsoft has opened OneDrive with a new design for regular

Microsoft has opened OneDrive with a new design for regular users

Microsoft has started rolling out a redesigned OneDrive for home users. The company announced a new Fluent-style cloud storage interface last year that will be available to everyone in late February.

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“This is a visual and functional update designed to make it easier to quickly access files and organize content in a variety of ways. The improved design reduces clutter and distractions so you can focus on what matters – the content.”explained Microsoft product manager Michele Barrett.

The updated OneDrive interface more closely matches the look and feel of Windows 11 and Microsoft Office apps. One of the innovations is the mode for viewing files by source – sorted by other users. This is helpful when a person remembers who sent them a document but forgets the file name.

A filter by file type has been added, and the Add command brings up not only a field for uploading a file or folder, but also links for creating a document using Office applications. Microsoft is planning many more changes to OneDrive, including for business users: there will be support for working with files offline, faster loading and much more.

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