Microsoft has lured one of the most important developers of

Microsoft has lured one of the most important developers of Apple processors to develop arm chips for Azure

One of the veterans of the semiconductor market moved from Apple to Microsoft Mike Filippo… As reported by the Bloomberg agency, citing anonymous sources, the specialist will be working on the development of server processors for cloud systems at the new location.

Image source: efes /

Image source: efes /

Mike Filippo will develop processors in Microsoft Azure under the direction of Rani Borkar. Mr. Filippo’s arrival at the company has been confirmed by a Microsoft official; previously worked at Apple, Arm and Intel. Microsoft Azure is interested in developing its own processors after similar initiatives were announced by its main competitors in the cloud provider market: Google and Amazon. Note that such initiatives pose a direct threat to current suppliers, namely Intel and AMD – on the backdrop of the news, the company’s shares fell 2% and 1.1% respectively.

For Apple, Filippo’s departure means the loss of another top-class specialist. He joined the company in 2019 after ten years at Arm. Before Arm, he worked at Intel for about five years. At Apple, his goal was to expand the basic capabilities of arm processors for smartphones and other devices.

In 2020, unofficial information surfaced that Microsoft began developing its own processors for its servers and possibly Surface line devices – the latter including PCs and tablets based on processors from Intel, Qualcomm, and other manufacturers. If the company brings out its own chips for this line, it is clearly following in the footsteps of Apple, which is quite successful here. Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook) is now also working on their processors.

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