Microsoft has improved the integration of the Bing AI bot

Microsoft has improved the integration of the Bing AI bot with mobile devices – a chat can be started on a smartphone and continued on a PC

Microsoft has announced a series of new updates for mobile users. Highlights include contextual chat in the Edge mobile browser, the Bing widget for iOS and Android, and Bing chat syncing between mobile and desktop. Starting today, you can start a conversation in Bing Chat on your PC and then continue it on your mobile device. This feature will be available to all iOS and Android users over the next week.

    Image source: Microsoft

Image source: Microsoft

The second major change is contextual chat in Microsoft Edge on iOS and Android. This is similar to the Bing sidebar in the desktop version of Edge and allows the mobile version of the browser to read the context of the website. By tapping the Bing Chat icon at the bottom of Edge, you can ask them questions about a website, or ask them to summarize an article or open a document. Edge Mobile also has a tool to select a piece of text for the chatbot to explain or summarize. Microsoft promises that both new Edge features will be available for mobile users “in the near future”.

Microsoft is also introducing a mobile widget for iOS and Android users that can be pinned to the desktop for quick access to Bing Chat. The widget includes a Bing icon for chatting and a microphone icon for voice communication. This feature will be available on iOS and Android devices this week. Microsoft also announced improved language support for voice input.

Microsoft recently updated its SwiftKey mobile keyboard with Bing chat capabilities, and now AI can generate full messages with predefined tone, format, and length options. This feature is available in the Edge sidebar and on mobile, the user can instantly copy the generated message to Messenger or email. An AI translator is now built into the SwiftKey Keyboard.

Skype is also getting support for Bing Chat in group chats. All the user has to do is tag @Bing in the conversation and the chatbot will respond to requests and continue the conversation. And if all participants in a group chat involve Microsoft’s AI assistant in the communication, the artificial intelligence in the process of communicating with itself can have legitimate doubts about the purpose and meaning of human existence.

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