Microsoft has found a temporary solution to restore the camera

Microsoft has found a temporary solution to restore the camera in the Surface Pro

In response to the mass shutdown of the cameras on the flagship Surface Pro X tablets, Microsoft has found a temporary workaround that restores their work – albeit with reduced functionality.

    Image source: Microsoft

Image source: Microsoft

Surface Pro It is believed that the cause of the glitch is an inferior driver and the problem is one way or another related to the date. At least one workaround was found through discussions in numerous forums and on Reddit to get the cameras working again. For this, according to users, it is necessary to change the system date to May 22, after which the cameras will work normally again. It goes without saying that the method is far from the most convenient.

However, according to Microsoft, the company started spreading its workaround to temporarily fix a critical issue. At the same time, it is made clear that some functions of the cameras may be limited or the image quality may decrease. Temporary software that fixes the problem will be installed automatically.

At the same time, Microsoft emphasizes that the fault lies with the chipset manufacturer – devices with the chipsets Qualcomm 8cx Gen 1, Qualcomm 8cx Gen 2, Microsoft SQ1 and Microsoft SQ2 are affected. It is expressly stated that the problem did not affect webcams and USB cameras in general, even if they are connected to problematic devices.

The company reminds you to be careful and not try to apply a workaround on devices not affected by the issue. The company also posted instructions on how to troubleshoot registry issues on the website Microsoft. It should be resorted to when dealing with managed affected devices that do not update themselves.

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