Microsoft has fixed 68 vulnerabilities in Windows and other products

Microsoft has fixed 68 vulnerabilities in Windows and other products – six of which are actively exploited by hackers

Microsoft has released another patch as part of the Patchday program. This time the developers fixed 68 vulnerabilities in different products. Of these, six are actively exploited by hackers as zero-day vulnerabilities, and eleven are classified as critical because their exploitation allows elevation of privileges in the attacked system, forging of data, or remote code execution.

    Image source: Bleeping Computer

Image source: Bleeping Computer

Overall, Microsoft has 27 privilege escalation vulnerabilities, 4 security feature bypass vulnerabilities, 16 remote code execution vulnerabilities, 11 data disclosure vulnerabilities, 6 DDoS attack vulnerabilities, and 3 spoofing vulnerabilities (a technique to disguise an attacker or malware as a legitimate product). fixed corrupt data).

First of all, the six fixed zero-day vulnerabilities are worth mentioning. This includes vulnerabilities in Microsoft that were publicly known before the official patch was released or the bug was exploited by hackers before the fix was released.

CVE-2022-41128 is a remote code execution vulnerability in scripting languages ​​on Windows. To exploit them, an attacker must convince the victim to go to a specially configured malicious server or web resource. CVE-2022-41091 – Allows bypassing of the Mark of the Web feature, which is designed to protect user devices from downloading malicious files from the Internet. CVE-2022-41073 is a Windows print spooler vulnerability that allows privilege escalation in the system. CVE-2022-41125 – Privilege escalation by the Windows CNG Key Isolation Service. CVE-2022-41040 – Elevation of privilege vulnerability in Microsoft Exchange Server followed by running PowerShell in the system context. CVE-2022-41082 is a remote code execution vulnerability in Microsoft Exchange Server.

For more information on these and other vulnerabilities addressed by Microsoft in the latest patch, see you can find out on the company’s official website.

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