Microsoft has banned the use of Bing search results to

Microsoft has banned the use of Bing search results to train third-party AI bots

It has emerged that Microsoft is blocking third-party developers from using their Bing search results to train their own AI bots. According to the source, the software giant has informed two unnamed search engines that they will be banned from accessing Bing search data if they continue to use it to train their own AI algorithms.

    Image Source: Microsoft/OpenAI

Image Source: Microsoft/OpenAI

Microsoft has reportedly licensed access to Bing data to some search engines, such as DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, and While DuckDuckGo uses a combination of Bing with its own search algorithm to provide search results, and Neeva use Bing to conserve resources by pulling data from Microsoft’s search engine.

While Microsoft has licensed the use of Bing data to some companies, the software giant doesn’t appear to want the search engine used to train a variety of third-party AI chatbots. An unnamed source said that Microsoft considers using Bing in this way a breach of the agreement and may be terminated if this information is misused.

Which search engines violate the Bing data usage rules are not reported. DuckDuckGo and already have their own tools based on neural networks. “We remain in touch with non-compliant partners while consistently following our rules across the board. We will continue to work directly with them and provide any information needed to resolve the issue.”said a Microsoft spokesman.

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