Microsoft has added the ChatGPT bot to the Windows 11

Microsoft has added the ChatGPT bot to the Windows 11 command line, but in test mode for now

Microsoft has added ChatGPT AI chatbot functionality to Windows Terminal as part of the Windows 11 Canary test build. ChatGPT’s AI capabilities in the Windows Terminal can be used to generate commands, explain errors, and provide recommendations on how to fix them.

    Image source: Windows Latest

Image source: Windows Latest

Microsoft points out that AI will make it possible to explain commands, as well as errors that occur during their execution, in natural language. The chatbot also suggests solutions, such as an alternative command if the original command doesn’t work.

The company added AI integration to the Canary channel last week and it works as announced at the Build 2023 developer conference. However, the feature does not yet have a large language model built-in and requires a connection to the Azure OpenAI service to use it. The service is invite-only and API keys are paid.

To use the chatbot for the terminal, you need to download it Application from GitHub and install it on Windows 11. Then you need to enter the Azure AI service endpoint and terminal chat settings and save this data. The setting connects terminal chat to the specified AI service (ChatGPT-3.5 or other model).

Chat allows you to select a suggestion from the AI ​​and copy it directly into the terminal’s input line to preview commands before executing them. Terminal Chat also detects the active shell in use and sends that context to the AI ​​service. This allows AI responses to adapt to your shell environment, be it Command Prompt or PowerShell, making help more relevant and accurate.

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