Microsoft fixed a OneDrive bug that prevented deleting synced files

Microsoft fixed a OneDrive bug that prevented deleting synced files

Another round of patches from Microsoft fixed a bug in Windows where some local files synced to the OneDrive cloud weren’t deleted on reset.

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Ironically, the bug, acknowledged by a developer in February, turned out to be the complete opposite of a major Windows 10 crash of October 2018, when the system spontaneously deleted user files. A new issue affecting Windows 10 and 11 has been identified with individual users who have performed a factory reset using the “Erase everything” option, but files and folders synced from OneDrive remained on the local drive.

When Microsoft confirmed the error, it suggested that Windows users, as a workaround, sign out of their OneDrive account, disable cloud storage, or immediately delete the Windows.old folder from the computer immediately after resetting the computer before starting with resetting the machine to factory settings. The problem did not extend to files that were not synced to the cloud. For Windows 11, the error is fixed by patch number KB5011493and for Windows 10 – KB5011487. However, the developer warned that even after installing the patch, it may take up to 7 days for the error to be fully resolved.



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