Microsoft Edge received a feed showing updates about the users

Microsoft Edge received a feed showing updates about the user’s favorite YouTube channels

Microsoft has started testing deep integration with YouTube in its Edge browser. Edge Canary’s latest builds include a new Followable Web feature that allows users to receive updates from custom YouTube channels.

Image Source: The Edge

Image Source: The Edge

A Reddit user noticed a new button appearing in Edge’s address bar while browsing YouTube. You can add the channels you watch to the feed, which is part of Edge’s collections feature. The innovation is clearly in the early testing phase. The feature is not yet available for all YouTube channels. A feed created in Collections allows you to view the latest posts from content creators you follow without having to visit YouTube.

Image Credit: Reddit/Leopeva64

Image Credit: Reddit/Leopeva64

It is assumed that the new feature will spread to other web resources. The innovation is similar to an experimental feature in Google Chrome that allows users to follow blogs to be notified of new content as it is published.

Microsoft is currently testing in-browser YouTube account tracking with a limited number of Edge Canary testers as part of what the company calls a “controlled rollout.” There are no announced plans for the new feature, but its wider implementation is expected to begin in the coming weeks.


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