Microsoft Edge is testing a sidebar that can be pinned

Microsoft Edge is testing a sidebar that can be pinned to the desktop

Microsoft Edge Preview version 114.0.1789.0 of the Canary test branch introduced the ability to push the sidebar out of the browser and pin it to the desktop.

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The new feature works very simply: at the bottom of the sidebar there is a button with which you can detach it from the browser – after clicking on it, it is automatically pinned to the right side of the desktop. When the user minimizes Edge, the sidebar remains active and the user continues to have access to the Bing AI chatbot and other browser tools without having to open a webpage. To bring the sidebar back to Edge, just click the same button that detached the panel. The feature is currently available to a small number of users registered on the experimental Edge Canary and Dev channels.

Microsoft Edge’s sidebar offers various tools: In addition to a smart chatbot and an image generator, this is a quick access to email, Microsoft Office and user-added websites. The feature is useful, for example, when you need to quickly open a Bing chatbot while preparing a document in Word, or when you need to constantly monitor incoming email without interrupting your workflow.


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