Microsoft Edge has taken 11 of the desktop browser market

Microsoft Edge has taken 11% of the desktop browser market, but it’s still a long way off Chrome

Statcounter has provided new insights into the desktop browser market and the position of competing options. This market changes very slowly and month-to-month changes usually occur within the margin of error, but some dynamics can still be observed – Microsoft Edge is becoming more and more popular.

    Image source: Surface/

Image source: Surface/

According to the service data for November 2022, the absolute, unattainable leader is still Google Chrome, whose share is 66.18% (-0.31 PP monthly), no competitor has so far managed to even come close to gaining a significant gap , so in the race of browsers for computers, Chrome can almost be ignored.

Importantly, Microsoft Edge ranks second globally in the desktop browser market at 11.17% (+0.31 PP). Statcounter claims that this is a record number for the program since its inception, including the time it hasn’t used the Chromium engine – for the first time in history the percentage has exceeded 11%. For comparison, a year ago in November, Edge’s share was 9.52%.

    Image source: Statcounter

Image source: Statcounter

Although the Safari browser is only used under macOS, it takes third place in the market with 9.62% (+0.26 PP). Firefox is fourth at 7.1% (+0.05pp), Opera is fifth at 3.3% (-0.29pp).

As for Internet Explorer, the browser that once occupied the first line in all ratings has now almost disappeared from computers – its share is 0.77%. Some still don’t want to part with it, even though Microsoft is trying to offer a much better Edge experience, and some are still using Windows XP, which was discontinued back in 2014.

For a more detailed report, including by device type, see on the Statcounter website. Incidentally, taking into account mobile browsers, Safari is already in second place on the world market, far ahead of Edge. It is worth remembering that the data is approximate and not 100% accurate.

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