Microsoft Edge has started hijacking tabs from Chrome

Microsoft Edge has started hijacking tabs from Chrome

There have been reports from Windows 11 users that the Microsoft Edge browser is launching with a set of tabs that were previously open in Chrome after a recent system update. Users were not comfortable using Edge as their default browser or even importing data from Chrome.

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After upgrading to Windows 11 and restarting the computer, some users experience a number of tabs that were open in Chrome before restarting when launching Microsoft Edge. Intercepting data from a competing browser occurs in the background without the intervention of the computer owner. The point, apparently, is that Edge has an advantage over other browsers because it comes standard with Windows and syncs through a Microsoft account.

The reason for Edge’s anomalous behavior is not yet clear: it could be another attempt by Microsoft to draw users’ attention to its products with extreme persistence, or a bug in the Windows 11 update package noted that this anomaly does not occur for everyone, and many users are unable to reproduce it on their computers even with all the latest updates installed – Edge does have an option in Settings that allows you to copy data from others Browsers can import, but this remains deactivated and tabs are not hijacked. There have been no comments from Microsoft yet.


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