Microsoft Edge has lost second place in the ranking of

Microsoft Edge has lost second place in the ranking of the most popular browsers for PC

Although Microsoft is actively rolling out new features for Edge, it lost a small share of the desktop browser market in April. According to the Statcounter portal, the Microsoft browser lost its second place to Safari, the only browser used with computers from only one manufacturer, namely Apple.

    Image source: Surface/

Image source: Surface/

It is worth noting that the statistics from Statcounter and other platforms are never 100% accurate, but they do give an idea of ​​the general state of the market.

According to Statcounter, Safari is now in second place, down 0.95 percentage points, with 11.87% market share. compared to the previous month. Edge is now in third place after failing to break the 11 percent mark for almost a year. In April 2023, the browser lost 0.15 pp As for Chrome, it slightly strengthened its position by 0.36 percentage points to 66.13%. The most popular desktop browsers:

  1. Google Chrome – 66.13% (+0.36 percentage points);
  2. Apple Safari – 11.87% (+0.95pp);
  3. Microsoft Edge – 11% (-0.15 percentage points);
  4. Firefox – 5.65% (-0.82PP);
  5. Opera – 3.09% (-0.08 percentage points).

    Image source: Statcounter

Image source: Statcounter

In the mobile browser market, the situation has not changed significantly. Chrome and Safari account for almost 90% of all users, less than 5% for Samsung and 2% for Opera. The rest are even less popular with users:

  1. Google Chrome – 61.96% (-2.66pp);
  2. Apple Safari – 26.85% (+1.73 percentage points);
  3. Samsung Internet – 4.8% (+0.31pp);
  4. Opera – 1.88% (+0.08pp);
  5. UC Browser – 1.71% (+0.18 percentage points).

    Image source: Statcounter

Image source: Statcounter

More information on the statistics of browser use in the world and in individual regions can be found on the portal statistics counter.

Recently, Microsoft has taken various steps to combat its main competitor – from Google. yes bA beta version of Microsoft Edge has started showing ads for the AI ​​bot Bing on competitor Google Bard’s site. Perhaps, on the contrary, it just annoys users.

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