Microsoft Edge Beta starts showing Bing AI Bot ads on

Microsoft Edge Beta starts showing Bing AI Bot ads on Google Bard page

Another beta version of the Microsoft Edge browser, designed for developers, was released this week. The most notable change in this version of the app is the introduction of Bing chatbot ads that appear right in the address bar when a user navigates to the Google Bard AI bot page.

    Image source: Neowin

Image source: Neowin

Apparently, Microsoft is testing a new way to promote its AI bot to distract users from using a similar tool from competitors. According to reports, when accessing with the Edge browser, a message appears on the right side of the address bar: “Compare answers with the new AI-powered Bing.”

The message contains a link which, when clicked, splits the browser workspace into two parts. Such an interface allows the user to simultaneously interact with the Bard and Bing AI bots and compare their work online. According to the source, the mentioned innovation appeared in beta versions of Edge, but whether it will be integrated into stable versions of the browser is still unknown.

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