Microsoft Edge 110 has a built in VPN but only for

Microsoft Edge 110 has a built-in VPN, but only for select users so far

Microsoft started testing a version of the Edge browser with a built-in Secure Network VPN service about a year ago. Now the implementation of the new feature has probably reached the final stage: for some users it is available in the latest stable version of the web browser. About it informed specialized in the solutions of the software giant portal Dr. Windows.

    Image source: Microsoft

Image source: Microsoft

Implemented in partnership with Cloudflare, the feature offers 1GB of secure VPN traffic as part of the free plan. Information about the available tariffs is not yet available.

Microsoft emphasizes that unlike traditional VPN services, Secure Network is not suitable for circumventing regional restrictions by changing the IP address. The fact is that the service automatically selects servers in the user’s region for safe operation on public networks.

In other words, the secure network can only be used to protect privacy. According to the screenshots Edge 110, which appeared on the Internet, the VPN service supports three modes of operation: “Selected Sites”, “Optimized” and “All Sites”. The readiness level of the feature suggests that Microsoft should announce pricing and announce the release of the Edge Secured Network soon.

Google is known to have added a free VPN to its Pixel 7 series smartphones late last year.

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