Microsoft does not intend to release Windows 12 this year

Microsoft does not intend to release Windows 12 this year

Recently, there have been rumors that Microsoft will release Windows 12, the next version of its software platform, in the second half of this year. Now it has become known that this year only a functional update of Windows 11 24H2 will be released, which is being developed under the code name Hudson Valley.

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References to Windows 11 24H2 were found in support documentation, and later a message appeared on the Microsoft blog saying that this particular version of the OS will be available to participants in the Windows Insider program. Despite this, Windows 11 24H2 is a major feature update that focuses on AI-powered features. It is also known that after installing the mentioned update, the build version will change to 26052 and higher.

“Windows 11 24H2 will be this year’s annual feature update”, Microsoft said in a statement. It is also noted that Windows 11 will continue to receive annual feature updates in the second half of the year.

This means that Windows 12 will not appear this year, although this has been hinted at by major manufacturers, including Qualcomm, which is Microsoft’s partner in promoting computers with ARM processors and Windows. However, this does not mean that new features are not waiting for users along with Windows 11 24H2. The update will bring a ton of new features, including AI features such as an improved Copilot assistant and ChatGPT in Edge.


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