Microsoft Defender is being ported to Android and macOS

Microsoft Defender is being ported to Android and macOS

Microsoft develops software not only for its own Windows operating system, but also for other popular platforms, including Android and macOS. The description of the preview version of Defender in the Microsoft Store seemed to mention these two systems.

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The Microsoft Store has a Microsoft Defender Preview listed by Microsoft as a publisher. The program description says: “Security, simplified. Microsoft Defender is your personal protection against digital threats. Protect your devices [разных] Operating systems including Windows, macOS and Android”. Windows Defender is an antivirus for Windows PCs that has gone from being a mediocre product to one of the best solutions out there. And Microsoft seems keen to replicate its success on other platforms.

The Italian publication Aggiornamenti Lumia has published promotional slides for Defender, indicating that the program can be used to scan files on Mac computers and Android mobile devices. The slides also show the Web Protection feature – it may indicate that the antivirus program is also scanning websites and rating them for safety.

Many Microsoft products and services are already available on different platforms: Android has Bing, Edge, Office and the enterprise messenger Teams. Office is also available for macOS. Therefore, it is possible for the proprietary antivirus to become cross-platform as well.



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