Microsoft could make Bing search smarter with ChatGPT AI bot

Microsoft could make Bing search smarter with ChatGPT AI bot integration

Microsoft is preparing to integrate the AI ​​bot ChatGPT, developed by the startup OpenAI, into its Bing search service. Microsoft hopes to provide users with more understandable, “conversational” and contextual answers, Bloomberg said on condition of anonymity.

    Image source: John Schnobrich/

Image source: John Schnobrich/

The company intends to roll out an additional feature over the next few months, but is still evaluating the accuracy of ChatGPT responses and how quickly it can integrate with the search service. Initial release may be limited to a narrow group of testers.

As you know, in many ways Bing can’t compete with the search industry leader – the Google engine. According to some reports, Microsoft has been testing ChatGPT-based technologies for several months.

OpenAI research was fueled by a $1 billion investment from Microsoft. The startup launched ChatGPT for public testing in November and left a lasting impression on millions of users – the bot was able to generate literally anything from Cocktail recipes to school essays and even code.

The main problem is that the service very often gives confident, at first glance plausible, but completely wrong answers. According to some analysts, the ability to generalize to publicly available data could make the bot a more effective alternative to Google searches and even the link listing in the SERP in general, but only in the long run. However, according to OpenAI leader Sam Altman (Sam Altman), “relying on it for anything important would be a mistake.”

Last month, employees asked Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Google CEO and Google head of AI research Jeff Dean if the new chatbot posed a threat to Google, Bloomberg reports. However, the answer is obvious. The company is already working at full speed on a similar technology, LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications). Rumor has it that Pichai and other top executives have since stepped up work on ChatGPT’s response, dubbing the threat “Code Red.”

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