Microsoft brings a smart tool to Word to help people

Microsoft brings a smart tool to Word to help people with disabilities

As part of the Microsoft Ability Summit, the software giant presented many interesting new products that will soon be available to a wide range of users. Among other things, the developers presented several tools designed to help people with disabilities interact with computers and company services.

    Image Credit: ClearCutLtd / Pixabel

Image Credit: ClearCutLtd / Pixabel

First of all, the advent of the intelligent Accessibility Assistant in the Microsoft 365 cloud service, which is similar to a spelling and grammar checker, but is intended to flag up potential accessibility issues in user-generated content in real time. For example, low contrast between text and background is one of the most common accessibility issues in Word documents. An icon in the form of a little man appears in the problematic part of the document with a recommendation to make changes to increase accessibility. The Accessibility Assistant will go public in a few weeks, replacing the Accessibility Checker, which checks the readability of text for people with disabilities.

    Image source: Microsoft

Image source: Microsoft

Last year Microsoft announced 3D printed accessories to help people with limited mobility interact with a computer. We’re talking about attachments and grips for the Surface Pen Stylus, which is scheduled to go on sale in the second half of the year. They help you hold the pen and use it to interact with the computer.

In addition, Microsoft announced the integration of support for 13 African languages ​​in Microsoft Translate, which converts text to speech and reads what is written so that people can communicate freely with each other. Going forward, developers will continue to create and integrate features into their products aimed at making PC interaction more enjoyable for people with disabilities.


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