Microsoft Bing learned to generate images from text using the

Microsoft Bing learned to generate images from text using the DALL-E neural network

Microsoft continues to integrate neural network tools into its products. This time the developers have added the ability to generate images using the Open AI DALL-E neural network to the Bing search engine chatbot. A tool called Bing Image Creator is being rolled out in phases, so it’s not available to everyone right now.

    Image source: Microsoft

Image source: Microsoft

“For those who participate in the Bing Insider program, the Bing Image Creator tool will be fully integrated with the Bing chatbot and available in creative mode. By entering a description of the image, providing additional context such as a location or an activity, and choosing a creative style, Image Creator lets you create an image of your own imagination.”Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft’s head of consumer marketing, said in a statement.

In addition, Microsoft is adding the Bing Image Creator tool to its Edge browser. A corresponding icon will appear in the browser sidebar, through which the user can start typing a description, based on which the neural network will generate an image. During the initial distribution phase, Bing Image Creator is only available when using the chatbot’s creative communication mode. Later, this tool can be used regardless of the type of communication with the chatbot chosen by the user.

As a reminder, the AI ​​bot in Bing supports three modes of communication: creative, precise, and balanced. The first option assumes that the chatbot will give more detailed and original answers. In the second case, she is limited to concise and precise formulations on a given topic, and the third option is between the first two options.


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